snowball cover shot


Snowball is the title of my first book.  Snowball is a children’s easy reader, first chapter book.  My best illustrations are included.

It was written for my granddaughter. It is a very late birthday present.  (Available as an ebook Kindle edition on Amazon now.) Two years in the making.

My childhood friend Lisa stuck with me through many re-writes. After all the mud-pies we made as children, I shouldn’t be surprised she stuck with me from beginning to end. Thank you, Lisa.

I was inspired by my granddaughter, not just the story idea, but also in what type of book and what it was to become.  You see, she is sweet, smart, and a big help.  She likes to understand things.

I wanted to not just write her a little story, but also something helpful.  That is where the idea for an early reader chapter book came to mind.  Reading, well, it can be tough to learn.  I wanted something easy to read, as well as interesting.

Now, having more than one grandchild, I have made that same birthday promise to all of them.  That has made me think about making some stories harder to read than others. It would be nice if they could be stand alone books, as well as series.  Once you start reading one, and pick up another, you would recognize some characters.

So while you are reading Snowball, I am already working on the next birthday book.


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