New Format

My focus on de-cluttering and organizing has hit the blog.  It has been two years since blogging became a part of my life.  Two long years since writing moved up from a hobby to what I do.

Having had wonderful teachers who taught me some useful lessons in school as well as in life.  They taught me how to learn for myself. They taught me how to research, study and above all practice.  

If you are interested in writing, let me share the very best advice every given to me.  It was advice that every teacher I ever had shared in their own way.   Basically, it is this –

Find something you love to do.

Find someone who is doing that very thing, as you wished you could do.  Don’t limit yourself to one person, because you will come away with only one perspective.  Study a variety of masters, until you find the ones you would like to be your mentors.

If they are living, sure, ask them to teach you.  If like me, you find some of your favorite authors are no longer living, then read, re-read, and study their work.  Learn about their life, research them as well as their writing.

Practice.  Practice.  Practice.

Included in my research and study has been the business aspect of becoming an author.  (I do not have any of this figured out or mastered.  I am still a beginner, and have much to learn.)  Areas such as marketing, branding, publishing have been apart of my self studies.

For most of the last two years I didn’t have a clue what or how to do anything.  Now, some of this is starting to make sense, and concrete concepts and ideas of what and how are forming.  That meant the blog needed to reflect that.

Since my first book is a children’s book, this blog will reflect that.  For those that enjoyed the adult fiction I wrote in on my first original blog, 500 days to 50, that story is being finished and shortly you will find more stories and information from me in that genre on another blog.  (There will be a link to it from here when it is ready, so please stay with me until then.)



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