The Right Way To Tie Shoes

Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way?  Me either! Watch this TED Talks  video by Terry Moore that shows the wrong way and the right way.  It matters which way the rabbit goes around the tree, the little story sometimes told while explaining the shoe tying process.

An Appointment Made

I have an appointment to meet my characters.  An observation made as I thought about the storyline as it currently is, and where I want to take it.  (Reading good writing inspires dissecting your own.) For my first meet and greet serious thought is going into having someone else be the interviewer, letting me answer … Continue reading An Appointment Made

Second Children’s Story

Yep, working on the second one.  Is it a series?  Eh, sort of, maybe?  It is the next in line for a grandchild.  A boy this time.  The concept is pretty firm. Earlier this week, I found an underlining motivation for the story.  Writing down ideas, details, thoughts, even a few scenes came to mind. … Continue reading Second Children’s Story

The Irish Wedding

This is a touching poem about tying the knot.

Blog Me This....

irish gobletsGreen and Black
Purple and Gold
The day of promise
A vow is told

The Groom in kilts
A Bride in white
The aisle they walked
A stunning site

Irish maid past
Now given to share
The Man of her dreams
A life declared

They blessed the claddaghs
And gave their heart
To say forever
Til death we part

The cake is cut
And glasses raised
The toast of joy
Their loved ones praised

They danced a jig
And played a tune
Then drank to love
The month of June

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Thanks For The Support!

I have to thank Al Kattermonran who has kept my announcement going round Twitter.  Thanks, Al! Another shout out has to go to Duncan Swallows for his blast on Facebook. Thanks Fluffy. A review on Amazon showed up, so a thank you to Cynthia Castro.  Sweet! Thanks Cynthia. (By the way if you go to the Kindle … Continue reading Thanks For The Support!


  Snowball is the title of my first book.  Snowball is a children's easy reader, first chapter book.  My best illustrations are included. It was written for my granddaughter. It is a very late birthday present.  (Available as an ebook Kindle edition on Amazon now.) Two years in the making. My childhood friend Lisa stuck … Continue reading Snowball

New Format

My focus on de-cluttering and organizing has hit the blog.  It has been two years since blogging became a part of my life.  Two long years since writing moved up from a hobby to what I do. Having had wonderful teachers who taught me some useful lessons in school as well as in life.  They … Continue reading New Format