Feeling better and trying to get back to activity since my bones are on the mend. Notes I made, that at the time I thought were legible, look like chicken scratches across the page today. So much for all that frustration pushing me forward.

What I have accomplished is . . . not much. This summer was more vacation than I planned it to be. Those scratched plans mean my expectation for the year has to change.

So what is possible? That remains to be seen.



Embrace the Suck

Something my youngest said to me, that I am not good at doing. What he meant (I was whinny and bemoaning the negatives at the moment he counseled me) was accept and work with the limitations currently confining me.

This is a forced vacation from my plans, so toss the plans and stop trying to force things to work out on a timetable that can’t be met. Sometimes work arounds to continue with plans are possible, sometimes they aren’t. My son reminded me that too much energy was wasted on the negative focus and not enough on the ways I could make this a positive.

The habit of doing too much has to end. That is my doing and choice. This summer has become an opportunity to do just that. Some days are easy, but there are those stinkers when its easier to revert to wimping out than to struggle. That was the day that my son caught and coached me.

It was a couple of days before my splint came off, before I could start using my fingers on the keyboards again, my patience was low that day and frustration was high. I wasn’t getting any work done to my satisfaction.

Time for a little vacation from frustration and pushing myself.

Becoming A Lefty

While my inspiration is slacking, I am working on becoming ambidextrous. Work on the little picture book is stagnating, again. The beginning of the story is causing me trouble. Learning how to draw with my lefthand is just as difficult as finishing the little picture book.

Next week I plan on just putting it together as is and letting some others look at it and give me feedback. Trying not push as well as trying do too much are my biggest stumbling blocks. Together the are the cause of my broken armlefty.

Patience is not my virtue, but sure needs to be.


One priority that hasn’t been difficult during bone mending is re-watching episodes of the Gilmore Girls. During the original series showing, my daughter and I rarely missed a show. Now with the revival shows coming up in November, we are each re-viewing the series with plans to watch the upcoming new shows together.

This memory of what was once our weekly tradition made me think of all the family traditions that are near and dear to my heart, but have long since gone to the wayside. Included in a list would it be bedtime stories, Saturday morning cartoons, and reading The Life and Times of Santa Claus at Christmas. Family traditions are important memories to make and have.

All those years ago, when we started making our family memories, I really didn’t think much about it. Our traditions evolved out of our interests and passions. I can remember trying to start traditions that didn’t take off, being disappointed and worried but I wasn’t doing enough for my children. Even to this day I’m not always aware of the traditions that stayed with my children as adults. I’m pleasantly reminded by them and my grandchildren.

As long as you are willing to repeat activities that bring family together or encourage interests you will find ones will stick. Family traditions are the warm fuzzies, the memories, that will looking back on as well as forward.

Learn From Others

First off you’re so wonderful website for learning about bicycle safety

Bicycle Safety

In my youth, every year at school there were presentations and programs on bicycle safety. To this day I wear my bicycle helmet and observe traffic laws when riding.

We all make bad judgments at times and accidents do happen. Recently, I had both. Setting out for my first ride on new bicycle, I made bad decision. I tried to hop tree roots.(This is one of those don’t try this at home stories.) Just because you’ve bought a mountain bicycle does not mean you have the skills to properly ride one.

I ended up falling off my bike and in the effort to break my fall I broke my forearm. Let me share that you never want to break your arm. And it’s really the little things you’ll miss most.

Here is my current list, in no particular order:

Brush your teeth
Washing your face
Washing your hands–try washing the one hand with only one hand
Shampooing your hair
Putting your shoes on
Tying your shoes
Pouring a glass of milk
Feeding yourself
Getting dressed
Finding a comfortable position to sleep in
Going to the bathroom
Opening any jar, package, or container
Texting a message
Plugging your cell phone up for charging
Buttoning a button
Zipping anything
Reading a book, real book

This Isn’t Easy

I sit with drawing paper in front of me at least once a day. I have tried to write the start more times than I care to count. Some images are already drawn. My self imposed deadline was the end of July. (I plan to give this book away when finished- hopefully in time for Christmas, but don’t hold your breath, we will all be blue before then.)

At the same time I am studying fantasy fiction and working on another grandchild’s story. As part of my study I am reading about R. A. Salvatore’s Drizzt. I have tried to analyze and read as I go, but there is a problem with that process.

I keep getting caught up in the story and forget to pay attention to how the story is told! I have my favorite authors in other genre’s that I find when I close their books, I sit back and bask in the enjoyment and entertaining, with the culmination of admiration ending with the conscious thought, I want to write that good.

While reading Salvatore, I am thinking about the story itself and the action going on. My mental faculties are prisoners within the page. My reading has had to slow down considerably to allow my head to come out of the story and think, “how’d he do that?”

After my first book, there have been many short stories written, but not any that I have put out. Realizing I made mistakes, there was hope if I waited a bit my skills would get better and my ability stronger. It will, but it will always be doing so. Holding off has been frustrating to me, worse than the embarrassment of publishing errors and writing that needs work, it has been stifling my creative side.

That doesn’t mean I will be willynilly publishing and promoting every single thing at once, but it does mean I am taking a middle of the road approach to not only what I write, but when I publish as well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I get this picture book done this year.

Peace and Compassion

Since around the sixth of July, I have been posting and rereading this post I wrote on a social media site, trying to focus on consistently doing this-

I hope that my prayers, my voice in unison with others will become a constant that heals and brings us together. As we all snuggle into sleep, there is a strong need for peace and compassion in this world, in my prayers and heart I find a desire to send forth those things blindly out into the hearts of mankind, may it strengthen those whose resolve is shaky and may it knock softly and wait quietly upon its reception of those with hardened hearts and closed minds; in any minuscule opening may it seep down deep and grow.

Peace and compassion are mantras, along with the focus of my choice for this year of possibility.